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Short and sweet, GREAT GAME! I would love to see it extended with more of a detective feel.

Hi, thanks for playing, much appreciated !

Watch my gameplay video of The Last Evidence! Remember to Like, comment and subscribe :)

Hey, thanks for the comment and feedbacks and for giving it a try !

You're welcome :)

Really enjoyed the game and made a little LP of it myself. I love the idea behind the game, and would love to see more of the same style!

Nice video :), I liked your reaction when you leaved with the car. From your playthrough I may change/add some things later. Thanks for playing. (there's something to dig in the basement :))

I knew that there had to be something to do with that shovel! Lol. Awesome game, and if you do any future updates, I will be sure to give it another go!

*Rawr* Hello! I made a Let's Play of your game, hope you enjoy my playthrough :P

Hey, thanks for the feedbacks and for playing it !