A downloadable game for Windows

This is the result of an idea I had some time ago while on the road by night.

"You just arrived on a unknown planet, before that, you were on a space ship where things gone wrong but you don't have any memory of what could have happened."

This is a contemplative experience, you are just here, you can walk and feel the wind.

Please note that this is more like a demo and not a complete game. I'm still working on it actively.

I hope you will enjoy playing this as much as I did when making it !

Thanks for playing!

You can follow me on twitter @Xerxes1138

Move: WASD
Look: Mouse
Interact: F
Quit: Escape

Music from http://opengameart.org by yd at https://ydstuff.wordpress.com/
Sounds from Freesound.org


The Field.1.1.1.zip 90 MB


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stunningly gorgeous. the lighting really sells this! are those clouds flow mapped? im in love

Yep they are :). Thanks !

Neat little experience, really liked the sort of city skyline on the horizon. Very visually impressive.


this one looks interesting im gonna make a gamaplay on youtube